Episode 1

Get Your Crabby Claws Off Our Medicare

Rozzie and Sheila are bubbie mermaids who are angling for a better life. Sheila has nodes from singing on the rocks, and Rozzie’s daughter won’t answer her shell-phone. Is it a fluke, or are Democrats really their only hope?

Episode 2

Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It

Rozzie gets her Medical Marijuana prescription refilled, as Sheila learns Republicans want to leave pot users high and dry. Tired of being whaled on, our mermaids make a joint decision: It’s time to support the DNC.

Episode 3

Mermaids in Hot Water

As ocean temperatures are rising, Rozzie and Sheila can barely keep their heads above water. Climate Change is polarizing for mermaids too. So when Rozzie learns her daughter is dating a Republican, she’s understandably steamed.

Episode 4

Get These Republicans Out of Our Vaginas

Sandy, the mermaid daughter of their friend Marina, discovers she’s got a shrimp in the oven, but she can’t find a Planned Parenthood because they live in Texas. Rozzie won’t scale back her efforts to get these Republicans out of mermaid’s vaginas.

Episode 5

Benghazi Schmazi

Rozzie and Sheila envision what Democratic senators would do if, just for the halibut, they weren’t constantly blocked by the shellfish Republicans. Even mermaids can’t help but dream of having a female land mammal in the White House.

Episode 6

Guns & Boners

Rozzie and Sheila match wits as they school Boehner over his boner for the NRA, and his floundering rein during Obama’s presidency.  Rozzie takes the bait, and resolves that they should campaign for Hillary.